A few reasons why you should consider using F1 PC:
 F1 PC is a computer consulting company dedicated to personalized service throughout northeast Indiana.

NO-RISK Guarantee - If you call for help with a problem and we can't fix it, you won't be billed for the time spent on that problem. Even if we come to your location.  Wouldn't it be nice if all service companies offered the same deal!?
NO Travel Fees -  We ONLY bill you for the actual time and materials required  to do the work you request.
REASONABLE Rates - We don't "pad" our billing time like some other companies.
REGULAR HOURS - Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST
EXTENDED HOURS - We are available during evenings and weekends on alternating weeks, whenever its most convenient for you!
NO SALES PRESSURE - F1 PC is a consulting company...We are NOT a retail store!  We carry replacement hardware for computer repairs and a few software titles that we think are extremely important for every user to have, but that is all. 
Our recommendations will not be influenced by limiting our customers to the inventory "we" carry.  We can special order anything you need but encourage you to locate a supplier to order from directly.  ask us about doing a proposal to guide you.
TRAINING At Your Location - On the actual computer you use everyday!  We can schedule Formal classes or informal classes with Question & Answer sessions where you can concentrate on exactly what you want to learn.
Troubleshooting & Repair - Individual PC's or Multi-user networks.
Installation & Maintenance - Hardware, Software and Networks.

You probably have better things to do
than struggle with Personal Computer Problems.

So, stop banging your head against your monitor
and call: F1 Personal Computing today!


Email Us: help@f1pchelp.com

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